I am very excited and honored to have been a part of Festina Lente a show curated by Create Collect (Brooklyn, NYC) and the Con Artist Collective (Lower East Side, NYC) at this year’s Art Basel in Miami.

Named for the Roman maxim “To make haste slowly,” Festina Lente is our tribute to the creative process. This paradoxical relationship resonates with every artist’s often conflictive process, where the drive for creation battles the need for clarity. This show is a tribute to those who give into the external present to create long-lasting expressions.

“For the perfect accomplishment of any art, you must get this feeling of eternal present into your bones - for it is the secret of proper timing. No rush. No dawdle. Just the sense of flowing with the course of events in the same way that you dance to music, neither trying to outpace it nor lagging behind. Hurrying and delaying are alike ways of trying to resist the present.” -Allan Watts

Twas as a successful week of art and performance in Wynwood. Many thanks to the team that went down there and all the art-lovers who came out.

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